Iron Chef Style Dinner Party

Do you love “Iron Chef” as much as we do? Well, now you can have your own Iron Chef style dinner party in your own home!

Cucumber pops

Here’s how it works:

  • You and your guests pick out a secret ingredient, anything you like, and purchase a quantity of it (Remember though, you are going to be eating it when we are done!).
  • We arrive with nothing but pots, pans and knives and you unveil the secret ingredient to us.
  • We prepare a multi-course meal focusing around the secret ingredient, using nothing but what you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry (feel free to let us know if anything is “off limits”.)
  • You and your guests enjoy a fantastic meal created on the spot, and can judge and critique all you want. We’ll let you guys decide who gets to be the disgruntled judge!
  • We leave your kitchen spotless and bellies full to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Feel free to check out our recent menu “creations” and don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing or for more information about hosting your own Iron Chef style party!