About Drew Cooks!


Drew Munro, Chef and Owner of Drewcooks.com was born, raised and bitten by the cooking bug in beautiful BC. Training under French Chef Brian Roodenrys, Drew quickly developed a passion for the freshest local ingredients, beautiful presentations, and above all, great tasting food. Never one to back down from a challenge, Drew received recognition from chefs and newspapers alike by competing in local cooking competitions, and was awarded the Provincial scholarship for top culinary arts student upon graduation.

Over the next several years, Drew worked and apprenticed in a number of high end professional kitchens throughout the Lower Mainland, developing his skills and a style of his own. After a number of years, the unthinkable happened – Drew accepted a job …in an office?

“Work from 9-5?”

“Take a lunch break?”

“So wait, no hair nets?”

These normal office routines definitely seemed a little foreign for him, as anyone who has worked in a professional kitchen knows 9-5 hours don’t exist and lunch breaks are as elusive and mythical as Unicorns or the Loch Ness.

However, his time spent without cooking for others was short-lived. A lack of lunch options near the office left his co-workers consistently grumbling about their, shall we say, dietary inconsistencies. From beneath the crumpled double cheeseburger wrappers and fry baskets, Drew started his own office lunch service, providing home-cooked gourmet meals for his nutritionally challenged colleagues.

Word spread like wild fire throughout the offices, and it wasn’t long before Drew was going home at 5 like everyone else, and then cooking 35 individual gourmet meals for his co-workers to enjoy the next day.

With a new found entrepreneurial spark, Drew knew the office grind was not for him, and Drewcooks.com was born. Now doing again what he truly loves, he shares his passion for preparing and enjoying great food with others through his Personal Chef and Catering Services.

When not scouring the markets for the best ingredients or in a kitchen, Drew can often be found walking his big clumsy Great Dane Clarence, playing a little baseball or watching the game with a great beer.

Eat well, eat often, and eat together!